July 11, 2020

Quiet Wandering


Chrystina Katz

Have you ever sat by an ocean, a gurgling stream, or in a quiet park, closed your eyes, felt the sun, smelled the air, and let your mind wander?

Quieting our body and allowing our mind to wander can reveal our deep yearnings, that task we forgot to do, or a brilliant new idea for the future.  Acknowledging those thoughts and allowing the ebb in and flow out, enables us to process events, uncover discomforts, fears, and insecurities, and give space for brilliance to arrive.

While sitting quietly one morning, my eyes closed, body still, the morning sky turning a brighter hue of rosy yellow, my mind wandered through various moments of the day before.  Things that went well and the challenges.  Then I remembered an email I was supposed to send, crap.  I opened my eyes, jotted that task down in my notebook (I keep it with me all the time), and immediately went back to the stillness with eyes closed.  Putting that task reminder on paper, allowed me to than refocus and let my mind wander again.  The next thoughts to appear… my purpose for this lifetime.  I had been asking this question over the last few days.  Various words appeared - ‘empower’, ‘change’, ‘moxie’, ‘compassion’.  

Then, calmly, new words scrolled across my inner sight, “Empowering Women to Change the World.”  Wow!  I asked what does this mean?  And more arrived.  “Empowering women to find their inner moxie, for their next gutsy pivot, to change their life, their community, their world.”  I got so excited, I repeated these words, opened my eyes, grabbed the notebook and scribbled those words down.  My heart raced; my body shivered with excitement.  This is it!  This is the core purpose of this last recent pivot I’ve made.  This quiet wandering session clarified questions I had been asking myself and the universe about.  This was a huge validation of being on the right path right now.  

Some people call this meditating.  Others are repelled by that term.  Yet isn’t sitting quietly by an ocean, a lake, or even in your own backyard a kind of meditating.  When I see fly fisherman casting their rod rhythmically, focused on sensing the aquatic activity beneath the water’s surface, I see this as a form of meditation.  The caster is focused, drawn into the moment, allowing his/her mind to be peaceful in the moment.   Occasionally, their mind percolates on a challenge, a passion, or a memory.   That peace is addictive.  There are other hobbies and activities that allow our minds to wander while doing them.  Not all of course. Some hobbies require extreme focus like active sports.  Working on puzzles, knitting, ice cream churning, allows time for quiet wandering.  Do you have an activity that allows stillness?  Can you create one for yourself?

Regardless of the words attached to this practice of stillness, simply quieting your body, closing your eyes, and allowing the mind to wander will reap rewards that can help you find your next life pivot.  This wandering frees your soul to talk to your conscious mind.  The tidbits, insights and creativity that can bubble up will amaze you.  

And if you can, jot down any revelations, creative ideas, new actions to take, or things to investigate.  Capture those brilliant thoughts so you can return later to further inspire you to move toward your joys, your passion, your next gutsy pivot.

If you don’t make a change or try something new, what will happen?  Right, nothing.  Being gutsy is about trying new tools, strategies, and techniques.  Being gutsy is about making a change.  Even small changes can impact our lives.   If you want to change something in your life, then change must happen.

So, prioritize some ‘me-time’ in your life for quiet wandering.  Five – Ten – Fifteen minutes is all you need.  Daily if you really want to be rewarded.  The creativity and connection to your inner thoughts will amaze you.  Keep a notebook close so you can jot down any reminders or thoughts that arise.  Doing so will get your mind ‘unstuck’ on those thoughts and allow the wandering to continue.  

When you will sit still and allow you mind to quiet wander the brilliance you have inside?  

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Meanwhile, Be Gutsy!!

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