How we change lives

Chrystina is a passionate believer in helping women find the guts to pivot their lives for the better. She fearlessly speaks about finding her inner moxie and the setbacks, successes and lessons learned along the way. She provides practical strategies that teach and inspire so every woman can find her own confidence to change her life, her community and the world. She serves as your mentor, providing inspiration and support so you can understand the potential value if you invest time and energy into looking within. It’s time to find your guide.

"It's not what happens to us, it's what we do with it that counts" Bill Mahoney.

Crap Happens.... Let's acknowledge the change, deal with it, and manage the transition.
Everything in life is a journey lesson and experience. We can learn, share, and survive together.


We learn best through experience. At Act 4 Impact, we provide a variety of effective hands-on workshop styles to fuel you on your next major life pivot. We offer Master Classes on making gutsy pivots, as well as other topics on leadership, communications and working in the new normal of the virtual world.

Workshops include webinars, in-person seminars, and bootcamps. Virtual, onsite and Hybrid.

Topics Include:
- Gutsy Pivoting – Making Major Pivots Doable
- 80 10 10 Your Way to Time Freedom
- Gutsy Pivoting – 4 Change Strategies for a No Regret Life
- Project Management to Achieve YOUR Success
- Creating Highly Engaged Virtual & Hybrid Work Teams
- Grow Team EQ and Collaboration- Emotional Intelligence
- Building a Comfortable Change Culture
- Managing Conflict and Change for Collaboration

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“This was a fabulous webinar!!  Chrystina is a wonderful speaker and shares her tips to help those of us wanting to make changes... but maybe too timid to move forward.  With her advise on making Gutsy Pivots, instead of staying stuck in the same ole way of doing things, I felt invigorated to take action on my dreams and ideas again.  Thanks so much Chrystina!!!  I'm pivoting into action.”
— Facebook Review By Debra Netley

"As an oratory teacher myself, I enjoyed the use of "acronyms" as they make it easy to remember key concepts and help them to be embedded in your mind. "
Phil McKenzie, Teacher in Private High School - Australia ['Speak like a Pro' online course]

Available Workshops

Strategies & Tools to help you achieve your goals.

To see past workshops, check out our resources page.


Mastermind Groups

“Mastermind,” a term coined by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think & Grow Rich,” is defined  as “when two or more people who come together to share, learn and support each other’s success.” It’s a powerful method aimed at growing each member’s success through group genius.

Chrystina has been facilitating group genius for decades in the software industry to grow teams and business missions. Through the masterminds method, she continues to facilitate groups for individuals and business success. With each mastermind group session, you will leave enlightened, enriched, encouraged and empowered to move your life or business forward. With ongoing mastermind sessions, you can report your progress and gain insight to continue positive forward movement.

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Public Speaking

We have the power within to change our lives. If you feel a loss of power or control and are looking for someone who will help you ignite your potential, Chrystina’s public speaking services is your answer. From inspirational keynote speaking to group consultative pivoting, we’ll tailor to the needs of any particular company, industry, trade or organization.

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“Chrystina was an asset to our Amplify Montana Speakers Bureau classes in Bozeman. She went above and beyond by not only facilitating our public speaking workshops, but she also spent extra time outside of the workshops to help us assess and modify our curriculum while making improvements. Chrystina’s energy, enthusiasm, and inclusivity made our workshops successful, and many of our members cited learning from Chrystina to be a major highlight of their overall experience.”


Private Pivot Coaching

You are never alone on your journey. Let Chrystina guide you through the unknown, sometimes intimidating and exciting life changes you are about to make. Chrystina knows from experience that the right words at the right time can make the utmost impact, and the right mentor can ease your challenges and lead you to success. Individual gutsy pivot coaching will force you to dig deep and channel your personal experiences to tackle your next venture.

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"Coaching has been very beneficial. I've been working with Chrystina for a little over a month and I can already tell my mindset has changed and I have more drive to meet my goals. I've had many unplanned pivots in the last couple of years (having an unplanned baby and not making it into a graduate school program I though I was a shoe in for). Chrystina has helped me change my mindset to know that I can reach my goals and to have the skills to get there. After the first month, I've become more focused and positive. I can tell I'm making progress in my life!"

— Rebekah M.


"Early in the relationship, Chrystina asked me to write about why I am on this journey. That brief writing was an excellent reminder as to the amazing support system I have and how I have all the tools I need to be successful."

— Keanna C.

Gutsy Pivot Planner "GPP"

Do you like to journal?
Do you need more organization in your life?
Are you ready to make changes and move toward that goal you have been secretly dreaming about?

To survive early in the pandemic, I had to completely refocus my business, mindset, and lifestyle. I used my project management skills, dug deep to find my inner moxie, and used my grit, grace, and gumption to face each day.

What saved me the most was my GPP! Gutsy Pivot Planner.
It's a journal, planner, organizer, and reflection tool that keeps me going everyday.

  A method to keep your monthly and weekly goals / To Dos in front of you every day.
It comes with a recommended structure for your Daily activities to kick off your inspired days, track Activities, and then reflect on the highlights to plan ahead.
It is a system to keep everything in one place so you can have it with you everywhere you want to go and have a place for notes and checking things off.

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"I really love the free form design. It’s helped me work out my thoughts - It’s like journaling with purpose."
— Jennifer K

"With the accomplishments and gratitudes right next to each other it is much easier to see when what I am doing aligns with my values."  
— Rebekah M

"This is not a day planner, it is a life changer"
— Michele M