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Pivoting your life takes guts

Chrystina Katz has undergone many crucial pivots in her life—some planned and some unplanned—but each one has made her stronger and better-equipped for where she is today. And she is an unwavering optimist because she knows the power, firsthand, that pivots have to move us forward. She lives to empower and inspire people to change their lives, their teams, their business, their community, the world.

Chrystina utilizes her 25+ years in corporate Project Management skills and know-how to share time management, planning, and change/transition strategies. Whether you are a business leader, entrepreneur, and professional, Gutsy Pivots take Guts and planning. Managing our time to maximize our opportunities is how we can create Pivots to improve our businesses and our lives!

"I imagine a world where people are gutsy enough to pursue their dreams, which makes for happier people, with the ripple effect of more compassionate families and more collaborative communities around the world.   You are contributing to this vision every time you are gutsy, push through the fear, and try new things in your life.   Have a vision, keep taking gutsy action, and live your own dreams. "  Chrystina Katz

The Gutsy Mission

Helping passionate people be confidently Gutsy!

Our mission is to empower leaders to find their inner moxie for their next gutsy pivot, to change their life, their team, their community and the world.

We believe in:

  • Inspiring people to get unstuck, shed their fears and live fuller lives.
  • Inspiring personal, professional and business pivots for increased success and enjoyment.
  • Showing people how pivoting their trajectory can positively impact life journeys and business success.


Chrystina is the founder of Act 4 Impact and is The Gutsy Pivoter—a speaker, trainer, author and popular coach who nurtures and advocates for people who find themselves struggling whether in their professional or personal lives. Her strategies involve digging deep and applying focus so that you can take a step toward your next adventure and recognize your potential, both professionally and personally. Through seminars, workshops, webinars, group and individual coaching and retrospectives in the business world, Gusty Pivoting has the power to positively change lives.

Chrystina’s process provides you with the tools to plan, pivot and parlay your life, even if you’re unsure where to start. She provides practical strategies that teach and inspire so every person can find their own confidence to change their life, their business, their community, and the world. That’s Gutsy Pivoting.

One afternoon, while on the phone with her mentor, she took a moment to breathe between her narrative of doubt and surrender, and he jumped in to calmly recite sixteen words famously spoken by Benjamin Franklin:

“It is not what happens to us; it is what we do with it that counts.”

Those words struck a note, planted the seed of change and the concept of self-accountability, helping her to realize that we are all responsible for our lives, our choices and our reactions. And Chrystina pivoted.

About Chrystina

In 2008, the year of the last recession, like many, Chrystina’s life was turned upside down. She lost her job, house, car, 401k, stock portfolio—everything but her preteen daughter, and for two years struggled to put food on the table. She found herself hiding from life more than she was living it.

After exploring some new career paths, including insurance, technology, and healthcare, she pivoted, demonstrating her audacity and courage to explore new paths. She rebuilt her life, advanced her career in the corporate world, achieved numerous leadership roles and embraced teaching and mentoring others. It is these direction changes that help her—and all of us—acquire the skillset that determines our value and builds our strength.

A survivor of domestic violence, this Gusty Pivoter is no stranger to taking risks. She now shares her story, giving seminars and workshops, sharing her knowledge that prove guts, grit and grace can yield unexpected rewards.

Gutsy Pivoters are brave and adventurous enough to risk manifesting their lives forward to new possibilities.

We each have our own story.
What will yours be?


"One of my favorite practices Chrystina has taught me in Gutsy Pivoting Coaching is gratitude journaling. I used to often struggle to start writing and put off doing it because I don't know what I was going to write about. Using the "I am grateful for...." prompt helps me get started every morning and then I can just let myself go. Once I've filled the page with gratitudes I am in a much more positive mindset and it is much easier to move on to free form journaling afterwards. Gratitude Journaling has helped change my mindset."


Giving and Contributions

Chrystina and the Act 4 Impact team spend many hours donating time, and direct money, to numerous non-profits.  Whether it is time or money, every donation and “giving” moves us all forward.

Service is how we serve each other.

Chrystina also offers up her time and energy to other organizations:
NSA - National Speaker's Association as a National Member
and a Board Member of the NSA Las Vegas Chapter as the Membership Director.

and Volunteers at SafeNest, in Las Vegas, at the Shelter and as a member of the PS 417 Team as a First Responder with the Las Vegas Metro Police on Domestic Violence calls.

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Bozeman Community FoundationBozeman Community Foundation
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Experience Gutsy Pivoting

How we change lives.


Want powerful and inspirational keynotes on how the power to change our lives is within? Chrystina uses storytelling to teach tools for finding that power and creating sustainable habits to make Gutsy Pivots towards success.
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Mastermind Groups

Chrystina has been facilitating group genius for decades benefitting both individual and business success. With each mastermind group session, you will leave enlightened, enriched, encouraged and empowered to move your life or business forward. With ongoing mastermind sessions, you can report your progress and grow your ideas and continue your forward movement.
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A guide can help you navigate the unknown, sometimes intimidating, and exciting life changes you are about to embark on. Chrystina, with her abundance of experience, is your guide. She will hold you accountable and drive you toward success while you travel your own gutsy pivot journey.
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GPP - Gutsy Pivot Planner

Do you like to journal? Do you need more organization in your life so you can make changes? The GPP just might be the solution for you! The Gutsy Pivot Planner ("GPP") is our quarterly notebook that will save your sanity. It's a journal, planner, scheduler, and more to help you get organized stayed focused, and achieve! Plus we have a GPP Tribe community you can be apart of for questions, support, and encouragement. Get the tool, stay focused, and gain a community.
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Knowledge gives you power to handle difficult situations, face unknowns, find new options and learn what you didn’t even know was possible. Leveraging this knowledge makes you more powerful and ready for your next Gutsy Pivot. We’ll provide interactive learning opportunities, in person workshops and other helpful tools to arm you with the know-how you need to move forward, positively.
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Want some more resources to help you find your inner moxie for your next gutsy pivot?  Here are Chrystina’s best picks and more to help your journey.
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