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To survive the beginning of the pandemic, I had to completely refocus my business, mindset, and lifestyle. I used my project management skills, dug deep to find my inner moxie, and used my grit, grace, and gumption to face each day. 

What saved me the most was my GPP! Gutsy Pivot Planner. It's a journal, planner, organizer, and reflection tool that keeps me going everyday. 

Real people are using it everyday. You can too. This planner will help you get focused and stay focused, inspired, and organized for positive change in 2022.


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Are you struggling too much to do and afraid for forgetting?    
Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?
Do you like to journal?  or having trouble getting started?

Everyone wants more ... more money, more success, more happiness.

It's time to PIVOT.   Let me show you how!  
This is the PERFECT TIME to start planning your next pivot in 2022.  

My name is Chrystina Katz and I was overwhelmed in 2020 too.  So I combined my project management career skills and writing to create something I still do everyday, plan the day forward.

During the last economic downturn around 2008, I lost everything except my pre-teen daughter.  I fell into a deep, desperate depression.  While I hid under the bedsheets one day, my mentor, Bill, called me, out of the blue.  He listened to me spew self-doubt and surrender.  His calm response was “It’s not what happens to us, it’s what we do with it that counts”.  Omg, I had a revelation.  It finally dawned on me that I was letting the circumstances control me; that I had to get off my butt and take the control back.  I had a daughter to support.  I felt guilt and shame about not doing a good job helping her during the difficult times.  I suddenly realized I had to take charge.  I put on ‘my big girl pants’ and dug deep to find my own grit and gumption.  I studied every motivational guru I could find.  I tried so many new things - sometimes failed, sometimes succeeded.  

With grit, grace, and gumption, I rebuilt my life, gave my daughter the attention and opportunities she needed, and developed strategies to keep life under MY control and make gutsy pivots.  I still use these strategies today, even through COVID.  You can too!  

Everyone wants more ... more money, more success, more happiness.

It's time to PIVOT. Let me show you how!  

This is the PERFECT TIME to feel good and the Gutsy Pivot Planner can help you stay organized and move forward with your dreams.


"I love the GPP!  It has helped me get organized and now I can focus.  This is exactly what I needed."

"As always I love love love who supported me at the end of the day!"  

"The GPP is helping me cope with craziness in this world."

"All of my needs are in one place.  It forces me to think about my goals every day I use it."
— Keanna C.

More of What Clients Are Saying...

"During our GPP Tribe Gathering Sessions Chrystina shared her fabulous Gutsy Pivot Strategies and thoughtful exercises to get us thinking and applying to our own lives. We talked about the GPP, brainstormed on suggestions, reviewed enhancements, and felt apart of something big. Community is huge with the GPP Tribe and we support each other's journey forward. Our focus was planning for 2021 with purpose, passion, and goals that helps us achieve and improve our lives moving forward.... and how to stay on our gutsy new paths."

"Yes, it takes Grit, Grace, and Gumption... and Chrystina has the Gutsy Pivot strategies, tips, techniques so we get focus, stay focused and confidently make pivots for a better tomorrow."


The Gutsy Pivot Planner is included in the personal development and leadership workshops & trainings, Mastermind Groups, and Private Coaching programs.

We encourage a 'Get One Give One' pay to forward attitude to grow people around you. The GPP is a powerful tool to take control of your life, grow your awareness, EQ, and PQ. Help those around you, and ultimately surround yourself with like minded people, by giving a GPP to a mentee, team members, family and friends, other parents, pet lovers, community members, and beyond.

As we each grow our own awareness, focus, and clarity on our purpose, passions, and reasons for living, we make our lives more worthwhile. When our lives are more worthwhile we impact our immediate circle of people, our community, and potentially the world. Join the movement of being gutsy... pivot.

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More TestimonialS

"I've been really working to use the monthly goals page more. I think that's one of the big things that makes this planner unique."  

"I added the calendar and love it! Great idea. It's very handy. "  

[What I love best about the GPP, it's] - a place to keep all goals in one spot and in front and  a place to keep all the strategies we learn."  

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