Inspire your audience to ignite their Gutsy potential.

Chrystina Katz uses storytelling to share how to create sustainable habits to make Gutsy Pivots towards success.

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Topics that will inspire Gutsy, more authentic living

Want a powerful keynote on how to take back control of your life? Through storytelling, Chrystina teaches how to create sustainable habits to make Gutsy Pivots towards success.

Topics include:

  • 80 10 10 Your Way to Time Freedom
  • Crazy, Gutsy, or Driven?
  • Gutsy is as Gutsy Does: How to Live a Gutsy Life
  • Gutsy Travels Windshield Adventures: Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinarily Gutsy Things

Boost your retreat. Inspire your team.

Looking to have a keynote speaker or coach to work with your guests or team? Chrystina provides immersive, transformative experiences that will make your retreats memorable and leave guests inspired to take action.

“Chrystina was an asset to our Amplify Montana Speakers Bureau classes in Bozeman. She went above and beyond by not only facilitating our public speaking workshops, but she also spent extra time outside of the workshops to help us assess and modify our curriculum while making improvements. Chrystina’s energy, enthusiasm, and inclusivity made our workshops successful, and many of our members cited learning from Chrystina to be a major highlight of their overall experience.”

—Rachelle Satori, Montana No Kid Hungry Program

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We'll make sure the speech is impactful to your listeners, because it is about them.

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We'll show up and inspire your attendees to become the best, Gutsiest versions of themselves.