Streamline your business processes, build cohesive teams, and improve your bottom line.

Chrystina Katz helps you and your team become more organized, collaborative, and productive so you can focus on reaching your goals.

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You know your business is out of balance.

Did you start your business to create a job for yourself? No!

Did you hire a team so you could still be stuck doing the work? No!

Are you working on the business instead of in the business? No!

It’s frustrating, and not what you wanted it to be. You want to take time for yourself, but you can’t because you’re just “too busy”.

Here’s the good news… you can achieve more organization in both your business and your life. You can leverage the strengths of your employees and create better workflows for them to work with.

It's time to transform your business so it works for YOU.

Learn how to make a

Gutsy Pivot

in your busines.

Create a collaborative culture

Make your company a place where people want to do their jobs well and be part of YOUR team.

Take more time for yourself

Stop wearing all the hats. Find balance in life, more joy, and more time to enjoy the things you love.

Achieve your business goals

Don't leave success up in the air. Create measurable success factors and have a plan in place and a support system to keep you on track.

"After working with Chrystina, I accomplished more in 2 months than in 2 years in business."

—Lori Murphy, Minuteman Press, Franchise Owner


Gutsy Pivoting

for Your Business

Business Consulting

If you’re spending more time working in the business than on the business, it’s time to reassess your teams and processes.

With over 25 years of project management experience in corporate and entrepreneurial spaces, Chrystina knows what it’s like. She also knows what works and how to overcome whatever’s holding your team back.

Consulting areas include:

  • Customer service
  • Productivity tools
  • Team personality assessments to identify strengths, overcome weaknesses, and fill gaps
  • Building stronger teams
  • Productivity in the hybrid work model
  • Business process development
  • Process mapping and streamlining for better efficiency and people-friendliness
  • Stress management
  • Hiring process and onboarding enhancement
  • How to be more creative, productive, and Gutsy as individuals and as a team


We learn best through engaging experiences. Chrystina provides a variety of effective hands-on workshop styles to fuel you on your next Gutsy Pivot.

Workshops include webinars, in-person seminars, and bootcamps. Virtual, onsite, and hybrid.

Topics Include:

  • DISC Assessment and Training
  • Managing Conflict and Change for Collaboration
  • Creating a Change Environment the Team can Embrace
  • 80 10 10 Your Way to Time Freedom
  • Project Management to Achieve YOUR Success
  • Creating Highly Engaged Virtual & Hybrid Work Teams
  • Grow Team EQ and Collaboration – Emotional Intelligence (EQ Assessments and Training)
  • Gutsy Pivoting – 4 Change Strategies for a No Regret Life
  • Gutsy Pivoting – Making Major Pivots Doable

Gutsy Pivot Planner (GPP)

If you need a simple, proven way to stay organized and on track, the Gutsy Pivot Planner is for you. Journal, plan, schedule, and more in one planner! Plus, gain encouragement and support from our GPP Tribe community.

learn more about the gpp

You can run a successful business and have a life. Here's how.

1. Let's Talk

We'll have a phone call or Zoom to see if what I offer aligns with your needs.

2. Let's Plan

We'll discuss your desired goals and create a tailored plan with measurable success factors to get you there.

3. Make your business Gutsy

We'll work together to help your business and your team achieve that success.