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Grit. Grace. Gumption.

Personal and professional change takes guts. At Act 4 Impact, we partner with clients around the world who have the energy, creativity and commitment to make positive life changes—or Gutsy Pivots.  

We have the tools and strategies to help you get organized, stay focused, and have the support you need so you can achieve YOUR goals and that passion project you have been secretly dreaming about.

The Gutsy Pivot Planner ("GPP") is our quarterly notebook that will save your sanity!

We work with women and men who know they have something to accomplish in this lifetime. With a clear strategy, support and guidance, we will help you find your own purpose and passion in life.

Through seminars, workshops, masterminds, and coaching tailored to both individual and group improvement, Gutsy Pivoting has transformed lives and workplaces for the better.

Ready to be GUTSY? Let's chat (954) 854-1860

Be Gutsy ... PIVOT

Introducing the GPP

Gutsy Pivot Planner

Do you like to journal? Do you need more organization in your life? Are you ready to make changes and move toward that goal you have been secretly dreaming about? 

To survive the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I had to completely refocus my business, mindset, and lifestyle. I used my project management skills, dug deep to find my inner moxie, and used my grit, grace, and gumption to face each day. 

What saved me the most was my GPP! Gutsy Pivot Planner. It's a journal, planner, organizer, and reflection tool that keeps me going everyday. 
It is in Beta Testing right now. Real users are using it everyday too. You can too to have less stress and really positive changes in 2022.

Learn about the GPP


"This is not a day planner, it is a life changer!"

"....for a person who is a professional procrastinator I really think this notebook is pushing me through some things."


"With the accomplishments and gratitudes right next to each other it is much easier to see when what I am doing aligns with my values."  


Experience Gutsy Pivoting

Just like when a tennis player pivots their body to make contact with that tennis ball, we too can pivot our lives to meet joy, satisfaction and happiness. Making a pivot, however, takes guts, and that’s where Chrystina Katz, The Gutsy Pivoter, can offer her expertise. Chrystina is no stranger to pivoting and believes we each have something to bring to the world.
The Gutsy Pivoter is here to help you uncover where your next pivot can take you. Success is our choice.


Want powerful and inspirational keynotes on how the power to change our lives is within? Chrystina uses storytelling to teach tools for finding that power and creating sustainable habits to make Gutsy Pivots towards success.
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Mastermind Groups

Chrystina has been facilitating group genius for decades benefitting both individual and business success. With each mastermind group session, you will leave enlightened, enriched, encouraged and empowered to move your life or business forward. With ongoing mastermind sessions, you can report your progress and grow your ideas and continue your forward movement.
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A guide can help you navigate the unknown, sometimes intimidating, and exciting life changes you are about to embark on. Chrystina, with her abundance of experience, is your guide. She will hold you accountable and drive you toward success while you travel your own gutsy pivot journey.
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GPP - Gutsy Pivot PLanner

Do you like to journal? Do you need more organization in your life so you can make changes? The GPP just might be the solution for you! The Gutsy Pivot Planner ("GPP") is our quarterly notebook that will save your sanity. It's a journal, planner, scheduler, and more to help you get organized stayed focused, and achieve! Plus we have a GPP Tribe community you can be apart of for questions, support, and encouragement. Get the tool, stay focused, and gain a community.
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Knowledge gives you power to handle difficult situations, face unknowns, find new options and learn what you didn’t even know was possible. Leveraging this knowledge makes you more powerful and ready for your next Gutsy Pivot. We’ll provide interactive learning opportunities, in person workshops and other helpful tools to arm you with the know-how you need to move forward, positively.
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Want some more resources to help you find your inner moxie for your next gutsy pivot?  Here are Chrystina’s best picks and more to help your journey.
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Pivoting Is Taking Action

Stuck. Underutilized. Frustrated. There are times when we feel like we’re standing at the edge of something and need the motivation to make that leap into our own potential. Taking charge and making changes is what we call “pivoting.”

A Gutsy Pivot is when we stop letting other people or circumstances define us and instead make those asserted decisions that lead to our own success and happiness.

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Gutsy Pivoting Insights

Want some inspirational quick reads?

Here are a few inspiring tidbits that can help you find that inner strength to keep going, keeping pivoting and keep moving forward to a life full of successes.

Let inspiration strike with our latest writings and curated articles for you as you progress along your Gutsy Pivot journey.

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“Chrystina was an asset to our Amplify Montana Speakers Bureau classes in Bozeman. She went above and beyond by not only facilitating our public speaking workshops, but she also spent extra time outside of the workshops to help us assess and modify our curriculum while making improvements. She helped to recruit additional volunteers, and also participated in practice calls each week that were above and beyond the original time commitment. Chrystina’s energy, enthusiasm, and inclusivity made our workshops successful, and many of our members cited learning from Chrystina to be a major highlight of their overall experience.”

"It’s not what happens to us, it is what we do with it that counts.”